Major Structures of the Neck and the Blood Supply to the Head Video

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Title:Major Structures of the Neck and the Blood Supply to the Head Video
Description:Dissection video illustrating the major vascular and neural structures of the neck along with the glands and other soft tissue structures. The major arteries which supply blood to the head are also discussed.
Keywords:UCD; university college dublin; head; neck; arteries; nerves; dissection; anatomy; video; thyroid; parathyroid gland; vagosympathetic trunk; carotid artery; dog; horse; canine; equine
Filename:The major structures of the neck copy.m4v
Date Created15/10/2012
Copyright Owner:University College Dublin
Usage License:Creative Commons - No Commerical NoDerivs (Shared for educational use).
Categories:Species -- Dog / Species -- Horse / Body System -- Cardiovascular system / Body System -- Endocrine system / Body System -- Nervous system / Body Region -- Head / Body Region -- Neck
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